Why do I have a new Logo?
(Did I cave in to the pressure?)

The first question is: Why do I have a new Logo?
The second question is: Did I cave in to the pressure?

I should explain that I'm very entrenched in my position. I believe that Intel had no right to demand that I remove my logo. They claim it's trademark infringement, and I claim it's parody. So a friend of mine suggested "if they're not sure it's parody, then MAKE SURE they know it's parody." If it's parody, then there isn't any case for trademark infringement. He added "it should be possible to change my logo in such a manner that will make it obvious that it's parody, while at the same time, make Intel wish they had the old logo back." What a great idea! The old logo was getting a little worn out anyways.

Here's the old logo:

First he suggested adding the phrase "The Intel Secrets web page is proud to announce no affiliation with Intel." What a great start! That should remove any doubt that anybody could mistake my web site for the official Intel web site. But this alone wasn't enough, next we had to alter the logo itself. A natural choice, was the international symbol for "not" (circle with the slash through it). Then he suggested a take-off of the Intel Inside slogan. But even there, we had to make sure we weren't guilty of trademark infringement. So we added the word "Absolutely." Now the logo reads "Absolutely no Intel inside." What a brilliant idea (too bad I can't take credit for it).

Hence the new logo:

Which do you like better?

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