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The documentation is generally available in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe PDF files may be viewed with an Acrobat reader, from Adobe. If you don't want to mess around learning about Acrobat, go ahead and download it. Acrobat reader versions are available for Windows, SunOS, Solaris, and many other hardware and software platforms. If you want to learn more about the Acrobat reader, go visit Adobe. If you would like to download the Adobe Acrobat reader, click Get Acrobat Reader.

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Pentium Pro (P6) Documentation 80186 Documentation Miscellaneous Specification
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Programmer's Reference Manuals
Pentium(R) Pro Family Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Specifications 242690 001 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium(R) Pro Family Developer's Manual, Volume 2: Programmer's Reference Manual 242691 001 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium(R) Pro Family Developer's Manual, Volume 3: Operating System Writer's Manual 242692 001 Adobe Acrobat
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Basic Architecture 243190 001 Adobe Acrobat
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference Manual 243191 001 Adobe Acrobat
Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 3: System Programming Guide 243192 001 Adobe Acrobat
Data Sheets
Pentium Pro Processor at 150, 166, 180, and 200 MHz (Data Sheet) 242769 005 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium« Pro Processor with 1 MB L2 Cache at 200 Mhz 243570 001 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium Pro Processor Specification Update (Errata) 242689 026 Adobe Acrobat
Application Notes
AP-485 Intel Processor Identification With the CPUID Instruction 241618 008 Adobe Acrobat
AP-523 Pentium Pro Processor Power Distribution Guidelines 242764 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-524 Pentium Pro Processor GTL+ Layout Guidelines 242765 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-525 Pentium Pro Processor Thermal Design Guidelines 242766 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-526 Pentium Pro Processor: Optimizations for Intel's 32-bit Microprocessors 242816 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-578 Software and Hardware Considerations for FPU Exception Handlers for Intel Architecture Processors 243291 002 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium Pro Processor BIOS Writer's Guide   2.01 Adobe Acrobat
Pentium Pro Processor Technical Glossary     Adobe Acrobat
Special Edition: P6 Processor CD-ROM
Vision 95/96 P6 Program Overview for Developers     Adobe Acrobat
  P6 and Native Signal Processing Algorithms     Adobe Acrobat
  Native Signal Processing and Native Audio     Adobe Acrobat
Key User Benefits Intel Present P6 Microarchitecture Details     Adobe Acrobat
P6 for Developers How the P6 Works     Adobe Acrobat
How the P6 Works P6 Architecture: Background Information for Developers     Adobe Acrobat
  Why Dynamic Execution? Dynamic Execution Background     Adobe Acrobat
  A Tour of the P6 MicroArchitecture     Adobe Acrobat
  P6 for Servers     Adobe Acrobat
  A 0.6 Ám BiCMOS Processor with Dynamic Execution     Adobe Acrobat
Developer's Guide 32-bit Optimization Guide     Adobe Acrobat
  P6 Programming Tips     Adobe Acrobat
  C Coding Techniques for Intel Architecture Processors     Adobe Acrobat
  Compiler Information     Adobe Acrobat
  P6 Performance     Adobe Acrobat
  Software Migration and Trade-offs of Processor-specific Tuning     Adobe Acrobat
  Frequently Asked Questions     Adobe Acrobat
Summary More Information     Adobe Acrobat

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