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This page was last updated on 04/01/98

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The documentation is generally available in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe PDF files may be viewed with an Acrobat reader, from Adobe. If you don't want to mess around learning about Acrobat, go ahead and download it. Acrobat reader versions are available for Windows, SunOS, Solaris, and many other hardware and software platforms. If you want to learn more about the Acrobat reader, go visit Adobe. If you would like to download the Adobe Acrobat reader, click Get Acrobat Reader.

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Pentium (and Pentium MMX) Documentation Tools Interface Stardards Related Documentation Links
Title     Rev Availability
Microsoft Symbol and Type Information Specification
  • Version 1.0. This Symbol and Type Information (STI) specification is part of the Format Specification for Windows.
  1.0 Adobe Acrobat
Portable Executable Format Specification for Windows
  • Version 1.0. This specification contains the Portable Executable (PE) format, part of the Microsoft Formats Specification for Windows.
  1.0 Adobe Acrobat
Relocatable Object Module Format (OMF)
  • The Relocatable Object Module Format is a chapter of the Portable Formats Specification, V1.1.
  1.1 Adobe Acrobat
Executable and Linkable Format (ELF)
  • The Executable and Linkable Format Specification V1.1 is part of the TIS standard Portable Formats Specification V1.1.
  1.1 Adobe Acrobat
DWARF Debug Information Format
  • This document, prepared in cooperation with the TIS committee, defines the format for the information generated by compilers, assemblers, and linkage editors that is necessary for symbolic, source-level debugging.
  1.1 Adobe Acrobat
Tool Interface Standard (TIS): Formats Specification for Windows
  • Portable Executable (PE) Format)
  • Microsoft Symbol and Type Information
  1.0 Adobe Acrobat

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