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The documentation is generally available in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe PDF files may be viewed with an Acrobat reader, from Adobe. If you don't want to mess around learning about Acrobat, go ahead and download it. Acrobat reader versions are available for Windows, SunOS, Solaris, and many other hardware and software platforms. If you want to learn more about the Acrobat reader, go visit Adobe. If you would like to download the Adobe Acrobat reader, click Get Acrobat Reader.

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Title   Order# Rev Availability
Application Notes
AB-31 The 80C186XL/80C188XL Integrated Refresh Control Unit 270520 003 Adobe Acrobat
AB-35 DRAM Refresh/Control with the 80186/80188 270524 002 Adobe Acrobat
AB-36 80186/80188 DMA Latency 270525 001 Adobe Acrobat
AB-37 80186/80188 EFI Drive and Oscillator Operation 270526 001 Adobe Acrobat
AB-66 Resolving Bus Contention When Interfacing the Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Processor with Intel Flash 292197 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-258 High Speed Numerics with the 80186/80188 and 8087 231590 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-286 80186/188 Interface to Intel Microcontrollers 231784 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-442 33 MHz 386 System Design Considerations 240725 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-468 Quick Upgrade from the 80C186 to the 80C186EA 272157 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-477 Low Voltage Embedded Design 272324 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-479 Pentium(R) Processor Clock Design 241574 002 Adobe Acrobat
AP-480 Thermal Design Guidelines 241575 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-484 Interfacing a Floppy Disk Drive to an 80C186EX Family Processor 272339 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-485 Intel Processor Identification With the CPUID Instruction 241618 008 Adobe Acrobat
AP-499 Introducing Intel's Family of Embedded Intel386(TM) Microprocessors 272425 002 Adobe Acrobat
AP-502 Quick Upgrade from the 80C186XL to the 80C186EA 272475 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-503 Add-in Flash Memory Card for an 80C186EA Application 272476 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-514 Embedded Intel386 TM EX Processor Hamilton Hallmark Handheld Terminal (H4T) Reference Design 272579 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-522 Implementation Guidelines for 3.3V Pentiumr Processors with VRE Specifications 242687 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-523 Pentium Pro Processor Power Distribution Guidelines 242764 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-524 Pentium Pro Processor GTL+ Layout Guidelines 242765 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-526 Pentium Pro Processor: Optimizations for Intel's 32-bit Microprocessors 242816 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-577 An Introduction to Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) Packaging 243103 004 Adobe Acrobat
AP-578 Software and Hardware Considerations for FPU Exception Handlers for Intel Architecture Processors 243291 002 Adobe Acrobat
AP-579 Pentium Processor Flexible Motherboard Design Guidelines 243187 002 Adobe Acrobat
AP-580 Voltage Guidelines for Pentium Processors with MMX Technology 243186 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-582 Notebook Computing: Power and Performance Analysis 243308 003 Adobe Acrobat
AP-586 Pentium II Processor Thermal Guidelines 243331 002 Adobe Acrobat
AP-587 Slot 1 Processor Power Distribution Guidelines 243332 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-588 Mechanical Assembly and Customer Manufacturing Technology for S.E.C. Cartridge Processors 243333 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-589 Slot-1 Processor EMI Overview 243334 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-605 Implementing a Resident Flash Disk with an Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Processor 292157 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-635 Interfacing the Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Processor to Intel Boot Block Flash 292191 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-640 Interfacing the 80186EB/EC Embedded Processor to Intel Boot Block Flash 292198 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-719 Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Microprocessor MHT9000 Handheld Terminal 272747 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-720 Programming Flash Memory through the Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Microprocessor JTAG Port 272753 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-727 EXPLR1 Embedded PC Evaluation Platform Application Note 272777 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-728 Interfacing an Intel386(TM) EX Microprocessor to an 82527 CAN Controller 272790 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-730 Interfacing the 82C59A to Intel 186 Family Processors 272822 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-731 Understanding the Interrupt Control Unit of the 80C186EC/80C188EC Processor 272823 001 Adobe Acrobat
AP-735 Building a PC-Compatible Embedded System Using the Intel386(TM) EX Processor and the RadiSys(R) R380EX Embedded System Controller 272926 001 Adobe Acrobat
  High-Performance Serial Transfers Using the Intel386(TM) EX Microprocessor 272427 001 Adobe Acrobat
  The Intel386(TM) EX Microprocessors Enhanced DMA and DOS Compatibility 272426 001 Adobe Acrobat
2150 Interfacing the Intel Flash 28F001BX-T to Your 186 Based System 2150 001 Adobe Acrobat
2148 186 Assemblers/Compilers Feature Table 2148 001 Adobe Acrobat
2769 Overview of the PC/104 Standard, and Vendors 2769 001 Adobe Acrobat
8390 Intel SmartDie(TM) Products Backgrounder 8390 001 Adobe Acrobat
Technical Notes
2774 Dhrystone Performance: 80C186EC processor vs Intel386(TM) EX processor 2774 001 Adobe Acrobat
2374 Flash Utility Users Guide Supplement 2374 001 Adobe Acrobat
2153 Interrupt Latency in 80386EX Based System 2153 001 Adobe Acrobat
2773 Pin Multiplexing on the Intel386(TM) EX Processor 2773 001 Adobe Acrobat
2401 Special Envrionment Intel386(TM) EX Microprocessor 164-Pin CQFP Pin Assignment 2401 001 Adobe Acrobat
2061 Trouble Shooting the 80386 EX Evaluation Board 2061 001 Adobe Acrobat
Interfacing the Byte-Wide SmartVoltage FlashFile(TM) Memory Family to the Intel486(TM) Microprocessor Family 297805 001 Adobe Acrobat
186 Questions and Answers Adobe Acrobat
80C18xEA Unused Pin Connections Adobe Acrobat
80C18xEB Unused Pin Connections Adobe Acrobat
80C18xEC Unused Pin Connections Adobe Acrobat
80C186XL/C188XL C-Step Compatibility with the 80186/188 Adobe Acrobat
80C18xXL Unused Pin Connections Adobe Acrobat
Clarifying the Reset Operation for the 80C186XL/80C188XL Adobe Acrobat
186 Family Packaging Index Adobe Acrobat
Dhrystone Performance: 80C186EC processor vs Intel386(TM) EX processor Adobe Acrobat
Interrupt Latency in 80386EX Based System Adobe Acrobat
80C186XL/80C188XL Processor Reset Hysteresis Adobe Acrobat
80C186/188EB and 80C186/188EC SIO Mode 0 Max Baud Rate Adobe Acrobat

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